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This is a follow up post to WAVE Self-Reg Mapping Tool

The WAVE Incident Report offers a new, and much deeper and helpful, way to identify the Self-Reg roots of a serious incident. Traditionally we have tended to look at school incidents from the standpoint of right/wrong and discipline: who did what, which rules were broken and what is the appropriate and fair consequence that will help the student learn not to repeat that behaviour, and to behave better in the future.

The problem is that the root of many serious incidents is not misbehaviour or deliberate disobedience, but stress behaviour, troubling behaviour that is caused by the impact of excess stress.

The WAVE Incident Report helps educators look at:

Warning Signs of Excessive Stress and the child’s stressor across the five domains

Allostatic Stress (the child’s response to excessive stress and stress reactivity

Values: the student’s ability to understand and apply the five practices of Self-Reg

Energy Flow (the child’s energy and tension levels before during and after the incident

This tool will help you address the stress-related roots of a child’s behaviour in ways that can be tailored to individual students and unique situations.

This tool comes in two versions:

Long Form (4 pages)

Short Form (2 pages)

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