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The WAVE Self-Reg Mapping tool was designed for school teams who are at the second stage (Sunrise) of the Self-Reg Haven journey. WAVE can be used to help educators build a deeper understanding of a student in order to inform ( from a Self-Reg standpoint) both programming and supports.

WAVE is an acronym created to illustrate four key aspects of the process of understanding and addressing stressors that are affecting a student.

W: Warning Signs of Excessive Stress

A: Allostatic Stress (the child’s response to excessive stress)

V: Values: the student’s ability to understand and apply the five practices of Self-Reg

E: Energy Flow (the child’s energy and tension levels

WAVE not only helps you assess the student, it also helps you assess how adults are using Self-Reg to address the question, Where do we go from here with this student?

This tool comes in two versions:

Long Form

Short Form

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