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Learning how to “do” Self-Reg is multi-faceted. It includes learning and understanding the science and theory and then using that knowledge to develop new ways of seeing, understanding and responding to behaviour and reactions in others (and ourselves). That is an ongoing process. But at the same time, we need strategies for ways to restore energy that we can grab to deal with situations in the moment, when there is little or no time to reflect and consider the Self-Reg angle.

The MEHRIT Centre has a number of tools that can help. 

One core self-regulation problem is the way excess stress drains the energy our brains and bodies need to solve problems, complete tasks, engage socially, and just generally be our best selves.

This graphic depicts nine ways to restore energy. Of course, there are many ways to restore energy. This tool, which is related to Practice 5 of Self-Reg (Restore), can help spur you to think of the strategies that work best to help you restore energy and find calm.

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