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By Andi-Lynn James

This was written by Andi-Lynn as part of her reflection on enhancing stress awareness from our Self-Reg Foundations program.

What if stress was but a visitor,

A fleeting moment in life’s grand chore?

A chance to pause, to reflect, to explore,

And find the treasures it has in store.

What if stress was a gentle guide,

Leading us to the depths we often hide?

A messenger, whispering, “Look within,

Find the wisdom where chaos has been.”

What if stress was a canvas blank,

Inviting us to create and to thank?

For every challenge, a stroke of grace,

A chance to grow in life’s embrace.

What if stress was a catalyst for change,

A catalyst for growth, to rearrange?

To shed the old and embrace the new,

To let go of what no longer serves you.

So let us see stress through a different lens,

A trigger for growth, a means to transcend.

Embrace the sparks that ignite our soul,

And in the journey of self-reg, be whole.

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