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Applied Self-Reg Knowledge

At The MEHRIT Centre

Applied Self-Reg Knowledge (ASK) encompasses a multifaceted approach spanning diverse areas of practice and research with both individual practitioner level initiatives and larger partnerships. 

All ASK endeavors share a common thread: a deep commitment to resonant scientific research, Shanker Self-Reg® and a compassionate, open-minded approach to the well-being of children, youth, adults and throughout the lifespan. This shared ethos emphasizes empathy, curiosity, and humility and engages a plethora of voices and experiences in addressing challenges, recognizing that genuine transformation requires shifts in ways of knowing, seeing, and doing.

ASK supports a versatile application of Shanker Self-Reg to individuals, groups, systems, researchers, and across cultural contexts. ASK work cultivates: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of Self-Reg principles and practices, underscoring their universal relevance and effectiveness.
  • The goal of fostering healthy approaches to self-regulation and resilience across various settings, ranging from personal interactions to institutional systems.
  • The interconnection between individual and collective wellness.
  • A culture of empathy, understanding, and continuous growth within numerous communities and cultures.

What is Applied Self-Reg Knowledge?

Applied Self-Reg Knowledge (ASK) works from a holistic approach drawn from diverse fields and contexts, spanning from early childhood to parenting, to post-secondary education and beyond. Rooted in Shanker Self-Reg®, ASK integrates insights from various disciplines to foster self-regulation across the lifespan.

Guided by Stuart Shanker’s Five Practices of Self-Reg (Reframing behavior, Recognizing stressors, Reducing stressors, Reflecting on stress awareness, and Restoring energy) ASK practitioners embody a transformative approach to promoting calm, resilience, motivation, learning, and our individual and collective capacity to thrive.

By synthesizing knowledge from Stuart Shanker and the Self-Reg community, ASK practitioners implement and infuse Self-Reg into their work, enriching their practice with stories, strategies, lessons learned, and new insights. Through this collaborative and responsive process, ASK practitioners contribute to a collective journey towards self-regulation and well-being for all.

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Who Applies Self-Reg Knowledge?

ASK practitioners have much to share about their experiences, including lessons learned, “aha” moments, barriers encountered, and opportunities seized. By sharing their stories and insights, they contribute to a collective journey of growth and discovery, inspiring others to embark on their own path toward self-regulation and resilience.

At the individual practitioner level, ASK practitioners embody Self-Reg principles in their daily interactions, infusing their work with empathy, compassion, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. As authentic living examples of how Self-Reg practice allows for a thriving life, they serve as catalysts for positive change, nurturing self-regulation skills in those they engage with.

Partnerships and larger initiatives form the backbone of ASK endeavors, fostering collaboration amongst varied stakeholders to enact systemic change. Whether working within educational institutions, community organizations, or governmental agencies, ASK partnerships strive to integrate Self-Reg principles into policies, practices, and programs, creating environments that support self-regulation and holistic well-being.

ASK research initiatives contribute to the expanding body of academic findings that consider Shanker Self-Reg, its application and impact across various domains and contexts, along with sharing the latest research findings regarding the brain-body science of self-regulation. These efforts aim to grow our awareness about how Self-Reg can be applied in new contexts, how those applications transform the lives of participants, and to deepen our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of self-regulation and its impact.

How is Self-Reg Knowledge Acquired?

Facilitated by the shared learning experience of Shanker Self-Reg®, groups develop a common language and understanding, nurturing capacity-building and cohesion within communities. This process is applicable across limitless settings such as:

Schools | Early education programs | Post-secondary institutions | Parent groups | Community groups | Mental health services | Curriculum development processes | Equity and inclusion practices | Safe Schools policies | Human resource initiatives | Healthcare facilities and teams

Alongside their peers, individuals embarking on their Self-Reg learning journey, begin to shift their perspectives, recognizing misbehavior as manifestations of underlying stress. At the very soul of Self-Reg lies the art, science and humanity of Reframing, a process which empowers individuals to reinterpret behaviors, perspectives, and challenges with empathy and understanding. Self-Reg transcends mere programmatic approaches; it embodies a profound process and way of being, seeing, and responding to the world. It’s about nurturing a compassionate, empathetic and science-informed mindset that fosters genuine connection and transformative growth in oneself and others.

Self-Reg practice involves deepening awareness of stressors across the five domains—biological, emotion, cognitive, social, and prosocial—in order to develop personalized strategies to find calm (homeostatic balance) and restore energy, balance, well-being, relationships, life meaning, and hope.


How do Self-Reggers share this transformative knowledge with others?

Central to ASK is the concept of Self-Reg Havens—a vision for safe, nurturing environments where individuals thrive physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally. These havens embrace the science of stress, self-regulation, and co-regulation, infusing Self-Reg principles into every aspect of their operations.

In Self-Reg Havens, Self-Reg is applied in layers, encompassing everyone from children to staff to parents and the broader community. Each haven is unique, continually evolving to meet the evolving needs of its inhabitants.


How do I join the Applied Self-Reg Knowledge movement?

Joining the ASK movement begins with a commitment to learning more about Self-Reg principles and practices. This can involve exploring resources, attending workshops, or engaging in online courses to deepen understanding. Once individuals have gained knowledge, they can begin applying Self-Reg principles in their own contexts, whether it be in personal relationships, professional settings, or community initiatives.

The next step is to connect with the broader Self-Reg community, sharing experiences, insights, and lessons learned. This collaborative exchange of knowledge contributes to the collective growth and evolution of the movement. By actively participating in discussions, workshops, blogging and online forums, individuals can contribute their unique perspectives and experiences, enriching the collective understanding of Applied Self-Reg Knowledge.

ASK’s ultimate goal is to foster a collaborative culture of continuous learning, adaptation, and growth through sharing successes, challenges, and innovations. Participants are integral to achieving that goal as each individual and group bring their unique learning and lived experience to form a dynamic community dedicated to promoting well-being and resilience for all.

ASK Learning Offerings

Enhancing Resilience in Children and Youth Certificate Program Image of a person's silhouette in front of an orange sunset

ASK Program: Enhancing Resilience in Children & Youth

In this Self-Reg program focused on resilience, we learn how to identify and overcome what is holding back many children and teens, we can spark their ability and desire to take on new learning, new challenges and new opportunities for increased health, well-being and community building.

Drawing of a cave shaped like a head which frames a tree on a beach shaped like a brain

ASK Program: Reframing Bullying

Reframing Bullying with Applied Self-Reg Knowledge is a 12-module, 3-month course brings together cutting-edge science, real-life scenarios, personal anecdotes, and practical tools, all tailored to the unique challenges faced in schools and communities today.

Enhancing Resilience in Children and Youth Certificate Program Image of a person's silhouette in front of an orange sunset

SRSS 2024 ASK Talks

Join us in celebrating our 10th annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium (SRSS) in person or online, where we will be exploring Applied Self-Reg in relation to Wellness, Inclusion, Resilience, Equity & Development.

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Apply Self-Reg Resources

Explore all of our Self-Reg resources, tools, blogs and more all focused on the practice of applying Self-Reg to your context. Whether you work or care for children, adolescents, adults or seniors, you will find supporting resources here.

ASk Applied Self-Reg Knowledge Research Network

ASK Research Network

TMC has partnered with esteemed Self-Reg researcher Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo to launch the Applied Self-Reg® Knowledge Research Network, a virtual collaborative space of research, learning and knowledge sharing about Self-Reg.

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What is Self-Reg?

Self-Reg is a pathway to calm, resilience, motivation, learning, & well-being.

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