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Self-Reg has a number of popular slogan mostly quotes, beliefs and questions from Stuart Shanker. Here are some of them; “No such thing as a bad kid”, “See A child differently and you’ll see a different child.” Another oft-repeated Self-Reg phrase is “Why and Why Now?”, questions Stuart urges us to ask when confronted with troubling behaviour.

Delving Deeper

Yet this question has seldom, if ever, been discussed at length, often presented as if its meaning and utility are obvious.  And perhaps this is so. But maybe it’s worth pausing and taking a look at this key Self-Reg question.

Today’s Question:

What does Why and Why Now mean to you, and how has this question shaped your Self-Reg learning and practice journey?

In the comments below share you thoughts on this key Self-Reg question such as how and when you have used it, and how it has help you understand and respond more effectively to the behaviour of a child, adult or yourself.

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