Why Does My Child Hate Math?

Why Does My Child Hate Math?

Neuroscientists have recently made a startling discovery as to why so many students these days are having trouble with math. Brain imaging has shown that starting at a young age, a simple problem in arithmetic can trigger a fight-or-flight reaction. When this occurs, the systems in the brain that support learning math are compromised, leading to more and more problems in higher grades. Self-Reg sets out to understand why this is happening; how we can prevent it from happening in the first place; and what can be done to help a student whose “math alarm” has already been “kindled.”

Read more about the Self-Reg view of Math on Psychology Today:

Part 1: The Giant Leap

Part 2: Is This Truly a Matter of Hatred?

Part 3: What Can I Do About It?

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    […] Why Does My Child Hate Math? – This is an incredibly interesting three-part article by Stuart Shanker that explores negative feelings of math through a Self-Reg lens. Worth reading! It’s very interesting to see the power that relationships can have in changing some of these feelings. […]

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