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Less than a decade after the publication of Dr. Stuart Shanker’s paradigm revolutionary book Calm Alert and Learning, research into the positive difference Shanker Self-Reg@ can make is flourishing across diverse areas of research and practice and around the world. 

TMC is thrilled to support and partner with esteemed Self-Reg thinker and researcher Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo to launch the Applied Self-Reg® Knowledge Research Network, a virtual collaborative space of research, learning and knowledge sharing about Self-Reg.   

ASK Mission

To support new and ongoing Shanker Self-Reg® research through a growing, thriving, and responsive Self-Reg research network of affiliates.

ASK Purpose

To contribute to the increased health and well-being of children, youth, families, and communities by collaborating to address common priorities:

  • Conducting and enabling applied self-regulation research
  • Curating and amplifying new knowledge
  • Creating opportunities for mobilizing evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. 

Sunbeams: Strategic Priorities and Goals

Build the ASK community 

    • Grow a community of researchers, scholars, and practitioners engaged in Self-Reg and/or self-regulation-related research 
    • Co-create a set of guiding principles with affiliates to focus on ASK priorities which build upon the themes of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and align with the values and beliefs of the organization.

Collaborate with ASK affiliates to identify and address common priorities

    • Engage with ASK affiliates to identify research priorities, gaps, mutual synergies, and opportunities for project development

Conduct applied Self-Reg and/or self-regulation research and mobilize researchers to collaborate

    • Engage in collaborative grant-writing to seek funding from the Tri-Council agencies (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR)
    • Develop an ASK Self-Reg introductory course for post-secondary students and researchers 
    • Use Self-Reg as a framework to create and implement a strategy for supporting the health and well-being of all network affiliate members, including post-secondary students, researchers, scholars, and practitioners engaging in ASK-related work.

Curate and amplify new knowledge via diverse ways of knowing

    • Build an open-source virtual commons with areas for content, networking, and supports
    • Create and grow a searchable library of Self-Reg related stories and lived experience 
    • Create and grow a searchable library of existing peer-reviewed publications of Self-Reg (and related) research 

Create opportunities to mobilize evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. 

    • Develop and implement a digital strategy for the ASK research network
    • Develop a collection of presentations, conferences, and other collaborative gatherings

Network- About US

Self-Reg in Post-Secondary Education

Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo ASK Director

Dr. Marie Edwards ASK Research Affiliate

Dr. Gerry Costa ASK Research Affiliate

Dr. Anne Showalter ASK Project Manager

The ASK Commons