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Reframing Stress Behaviour with Gray Brain Science

Applied Self-Reg Knowledge (ASK) Course

$745 CAD


Join Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins for TMC’s latest course in the Applied Self-Reg Knowledge (ASK) series: “Reframing Stress Behaviour with Gray Brain Science.” This four-month asynchronous course is designed for those passionate about the latest neuroscience, focusing on unpacking some of the most challenging behaviors we encounter today and making sense of them. Delve into brain evolution, neurochemical systems, and practical applications that address complex behaviors through a groundbreaking scientific lens. Whether you’re an educator, parent, leader, or clinician, this course offers essential tools to enhance your understanding and management of stress behavior in children, youth, and ourselves. Join us to transform your approach to behavior and wellbeing.

Register Today for our first cohort, starting Aug 1, 2024!

the Triune Brain model has proven very useful in helping educators, parents and others who work with children

About the COURSE

Course Structure:

  • Duration: 15 weekly modules with week off at the midway point
  • Format: Asynchronous with a cohort and facilitator
  • Time Commitment: Approximately 3 hours per week
  • Facilitator: Susan Hopkins will facilitate the first cohort


Who Should Enroll?

Anyone interested in the neuroscience of behavior and wellbeing in children, youth, and themselves



Course Outcomes Will Include:

  1. Explore human brain evolution from subcortical to neocortical structures, highlighting advancements in cognition and societal development
  2. Evaluate shifts in neuroevolutionary theory from MacLean’s Triune Brain to modern perspectives, integrating paleontology, neurobiology, and psychophysiology findings for effective trauma and behavioral management
  3. Apply Jaak Panksepp’s insights on stress responses through 7 primitive emotion circuits including SEEKING, RAGE, CARE, and FEAR
  4. Discuss adaptation and exaptation in mammalian evolution, exploring their relevance in understanding stress behaviors in children and youth
  5. Explore neurotransmitter functions like oxytocin and endogenous opioids in social bonding, pain management, stress response, and behaviour
  6. Apply Self-Reg tools and framework to enhance co-regulation in child development, supporting professionals in addressing educational gaps, addiction, mental health priorities, and promoting safer schools and communities.

If you love learning the latest science with Stuart Shanker and want to make sense of it in a practical way, this is the course for you!

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    Reframing Stress Behaviour with Gray Brain Science

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